With Arthur reconnecting with the girl after meeting with a strange shopkeeper in Chapter 123 of The Beginning After The End, a mystery cloaked organization starts. Arthur’s life is revealed as he goes on different adventures in The Beginning After The End. A hooded purple-haired person met with a polite gentleman and brought him to a dungeon boss, according to the most recent The Beginning After The End Chapter.

They embarked on a long trip together and eventually arrived in the dungeon. The guy is perplexed as to what sort of establishment this is and walks on the hooded man’s back. They came and were greeted by a group of mystery hooded organizations, who were invited to his modest meetings by the boss. The purple-haired hooded man informed the boss that he had delivered Lucas as requested. Mr. Wykes Lucas, as the employer understands, is the well-known Mr. Wykes Lucas.

He expressed his gratitude to Lucas for accompanying them on their mini-crusade. The boss’s face is hidden behind a white mask, although he has orange-colored hair. Lucas inquires about the man who said that he would join them if Charles had anything to show him. He had hoped for something more spectacular, therefore he instructed the organization to inform him that the individuals were students or professors.

One of the cloaked guys thinks Lucas is crazy for messing with their boss. He urged Lucas to be thankful since they were willing to accept a weakling like him. Lucas is perplexed as to who this man is calling a weakling. The manager remark that this is not the proper approach to greet a new employee. The person who insults the visitor is punished with a powerful spell.

The Beginning after the end chapter 123 Release Date

The Beginning After the End will release on October 3, 2021, Chapter 123 will be published. The scene is set when the boss discloses that he has the academy’s director and the council occupied. He goes on to say that Arthur is one of the loose ends who need Lucas’ assistance.

They discussed the medication that Marcoise ingested and died from. Lucas worries whether his employer intends to force him to battle Arthur. Tessia Aralth, an elf, was mentioned by Luca and the boss as a student leader. However, the gang disputes this, while Arthur returns home and hears of Director Goodsky’s visit the day before. Arthur leaves and enters Gramps’ room, where he discovers Gramps doing something and the room is filled with black smoke.

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