The rivalry between Kanki and Kouchou starts in Kingdom Chapter 694, with a fight between Kanki and Kouchou’s troops. Since Kanki intended to behead Kouchou, the Kingdom has been engaged in a battle. According to the most recent Kingdom Chapter, Kanki’s plan of having ten thousand soldiers flee succeeded, and Kochou’s warrior army of two hundred and forty would face Kanki’s troop of eighty thousand.

He knew it was going to end that way. Kanki went into the battle with the expectation that everything would proceed as planned. This started when Kochou obstructed his progress as he attempted to cross Ousen’s troops. Kanki has been after Kouchou’s head since the fight began, using strategies.

After seeing how they were being overpowered, Kouchou’s soldiers advised him to retreat, and the enemy burst through the second line of defense. However, the soldiers at the HQ were unable to flee in time and had they done so, Kouchou’s triumph would have been certain. They were disoriented, believing they were up against 5,000 to the right, and their only choice was to flee.

But, seeing that Kanki is aware of the right, they choose for the left, falling into the trap. Kanki’s left stopped them, trapping Kouchou’s troops with him. Kochou summoned a hundred soldiers and ordered them to follow him. Kanki arrived with a new family of two hundred individuals with the same power as the Zenou clan. Kanki believes that his men will be more than sufficient to overcome Kouchou’s troops.

His soldiers were able to slash through Kouchou’s men, but one of them made it to Kanki. Kanki deflected the blow and drew the soldier in closer. He stared the soldier in the eyes and told him he was a weakling. Kanki’s eyes never reflect genuine suffering, according to Kouchou’s troops.

Kingdom Chapter 694: When Will It Be Released?

Kingdom On Sunday, October 3rd, 2021, Chapter 694 will be published. The manga will not be put on hold, and Kouchou’s secret will be revealed in Kingdom’s next chapter. Kingdom’s most recent spoilers have been revealed ahead of the next chapter’s release on Sunday. If Kouchou pierces himself in the future chapter, the battle between Kanki’s and Kochou’s troops will be over. Let’s meet up this Sunday when Kingdom manga is out. The official Kingdom manga website is currently down, however, the most recent chapters will be released this weekend.

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