The Jougan’s eye has already disclosed a great deal about the creature, despite the fact that its true power has not yet been completely unveiled.

For the longest time, the main draw of the Naruto franchise has been the use of overpowered visual abilities like as the Sharingan, Byakugan, and Tenseigan. In a similar vein, the latest Boruto series appears to be following in the footsteps of the previous series, with Boruto suddenly receiving a brand-new dojutsu known as Jougan, which is intended to be inherited only by the Otsutsuki clan.

Unfortunately, nothing is known about the full scope of Jougan’s abilities, but the fact that someone like Tonari Otsutsuki refers to it as the ‘star of hope’ suggests that it must be something very extraordinary in its own right. Furthermore, Tonari’s rising interest in Boruto further adds to the intrigue surrounding the Jougan mystery.

To tell Boruto about the power of his ‘pure eyes’, he even went so far as to appear in his dream, which he shared with him. To put it frankly, he indicated that the Jougan will be a critical weapon in preventing destruction from occurring in the future.

He also stated that it would also guide Boruto to the light that will banish darkness. Is this to imply that Jougan is something that even Otsutsuki should be terrified of, or that he should be avoided?

I’m sure you’re scratching your head right now after reading the last paragraph, but don’t worry; we’ve brought you everything we know about Jougan so far, as well as information on what can happen in the future.

What was the method by which Boruto obtained his Jougan?

There has been a slew of hypotheses put forth in regards to the origin story of Boruto’s Jougan. Some believe it is an advanced version of Tenseigan, in the same way as Sharingan evolves into Rinnegan, while others believe it is a whole new dojutsu that no one has ever witnessed before. Below, you’ll find two compelling hypotheses about how Boruto came to be in possession of this enigmatic gift.

I. Inheritance is a type of inheritance.

Remember how Hagomoro and Hamura joined forces against Kaguya and were finally successful in sealing her away? It simply indicated that the chakra blend must have been the key to unleashing unequaled strength that can even overpower someone as powerful as Kaguya, but it didn’t go into detail.

Back to the present, Hinata was referred to as the Byakugan princess, and she received Hamura’s chakra during the Fourth Great Ninja War; on the other hand, Naruto received Hagomoro’s chakra, and Boruto, being their son, must have inherited that insane blend of chakras, resulting in the development of his Jougan.

Tonari Otutsuki is number two on the list. It was given to Boruke. This idea does not contain any logic that is beyond the realm of rocket science. For the greater benefit of the planet, Tonari Otsutsuki must have delivered Jougan to Boruto as a sacrifice. The fact that Boruto is the only one capable of shouldering such a massive responsibility and unleashing the entire force of Jougan must give him reason to believe that this is the case.

Jougan’s abilities are as follows:

To our knowledge, Jougan allows Boruto to detect dark chakra, which is otherwise undetectable to the human eye, as well as Byakugan and Sharingan, according to what we’ve seen thus far. Furthermore, it enables Boruto to identify inter-dimensional barriers and tunnels, and it was through this talent that he was able to save Sumire from certain death. Because Sasuke has lost his Rinnegan, he no longer has the option of employing space-time ninjutsu, thus I believe that Jougan will be useful in establishing a secure future for Konoha.

When Boruto comes into contact with a component adversary, his Jougan activates automatically. It works in a similar way as Byakugan in that it allows Boruto to view everyone’s chakra flow and vital point, but with significantly higher precision. This is just another indication that Jougan may turn out to be an evolved version of Byakugan, which has been hinted at previously. Furthermore, based on the fact that Boruto’s Jougan automatically activates anytime he encounters a strong opponent, it is safe to believe that the Jougan also provides a boost in strength and agility; otherwise, he would have had no chance against Momoshiki.

Is Jougan a member of the Kekkei Gengan?

Because none of the concealed leaf shinobis have ever seen or heard of anything like Jougan, there’s a good chance that the Jougan isn’t even a human trait in the first place, but rather a kekkei genkai for the Otsutsukis instead. As a result of the way even the most powerful Otsutsukis are taken aback by the sight of Jougan, it has been speculated that Jougan may be an ancient kekkei genkai that has not been seen in several generations.

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