The new ally of the Heroes is revealed in My Hero Academia Chapter 329: Hero Killer, nicknamed Stain, who provided the information to the previous Number One Hero All Might. The email informed All Might of this, and they knew Stain had given them something crucial.

My Hero Academia depicts the life of Izuku Midoriya, who just returned to the University of America and had wonderful experiences with other students. Izuku enjoys being bathed by the pupils, but he couldn’t sleep without witnessing All Might. Shoto assisted Deku in locating All Might, and the two reconciled their differences. The students learn about Stain from All Might in the most recent My Hero Academia chapter.

Since Endeavor departs, the heroes understand that they must devise new strategies, as what they have learned about Tomura Shigaraki’s physical perfection is incorrect. The newest “My Hero Academia” Chapter 328 leaks, scans, and spoilers show Stain’s data exposing mind-numbing facts concerning All For One and Tomura Shigaraki. The new characters are anticipated to appear in the manga’s next chapter. “No. 1 hero called Star and Stripe” is the title of the chapter.

The chapter starts with a flashback to what occurred when she was incarcerated. Stain broke into the high-security jail Tartarus, where he met a prisoner who was ecstatic to be able to go out and chase women. Stain, on the other hand, assassinated that man because he wanted to collect information and proceeded directly to the monitoring room.

Stain is shocked to find a pile of security guard corpses when he unlocks the door to the CCTV room. However, one man is still alive and is in possession of the security records. Let’s see what Stain’s information reveals in the latest chapter.

My Hero Academia Chapter 329 Release Date

On October 10, 2021, My Hero Academia Chapter 329 will be released. After his battle with All Might, Izuku has taken a break. The Villains will be confronted by a new force. The truth about Stain will be exposed in the manga’s upcoming chapter.

The Pro Heroes will also be considered to see whether they are involved in this conflict. The manga will not be taking a vacation this week, and we will provide additional updates as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at the official My Hero Academia information and updates below.

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