The series’ creation is based on a light Isekai novel. ‘Re: Zero’ was developed by author Tappei Nagatsuki and artist Shinichirou Otsuka. It turned out to be a well-known Isekai adventure anime from recent years. Subaru Natsuki, a Japanese NEET who finds himself in a supernatural realm, is the protagonist of the novel. He believes that by reading and watching various Isekai Anime, he will gain superhuman powers. Later, he realizes that his power allows him to resurrect and restart his life from zero whenever he is dead. He meets Emilia when in this state of life. Emilia seems to be in a similar situation to him. Now after all these days, fans have been desperately waiting for Re: Zero Season 3.

Re: Zero Season 3 Release Date?

Re: Zero season 3

Around July 8, 2020, and March 24, 2021, 25 episodes of Re: Zero aired in season 2. Since Season 2 is a split-cour anime, it took a three-month hiatus in September. There are still no reports about Re Zero Season 3 of the series as of yet. Sho Tanaka’s conversation with Crunchyroll in June 2020 has been the only piece of knowledge that hinted at a third season’s debut. His comment may imply that the third season would be released at a later date. That’s because continuing the series is in the producers’ best interests.

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Season 3 Plot –

In the last episode of season 2, Subaru, Emilia, and Beatrice defeat the Great Rabbit horde. Beatrice realizes that the Roswaal she met four centuries ago is the same one who now owns the new one. Roswaal then makes peace with Subaru and the others, agreeing to assist Emilia in her ascension to the throne. Emilia is perplexed about which kids are created, so Subaru steps forward to explain. Emilia gets to appoint Subaru as a knight as a result of this incident, and he gazes on his family in Japan. He swears his allegiance to Emilia, pledging to represent only her and nobody else.

Anastasia, who aspires to be a princess, could tell Emilia to explore the Water Gate city, based upon the light novel versions. Subaru, on the other side, could be forced to navigate an unpredictable political landscape to defend Emilia. They will discover Anastasia’s plan to submit the invitation to Emilia eventually. This arc will be fascinating to watch as we learn more about Subaru’s role as Emilia’s knight.

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What you can expect from Re Zero Season 3?

Re: Zero season 3 is almost certainly going to be a split-cour anime, close to the second. As a result, the season’s storylines will be spread out over the year as it airs. Season 3 could be centered on the light novel’s fifth arc, which emphasizes Anastasia. Anastasia is a nominee for the Royal List. Season 3 has a lot to look forward to, such as the Archbishop giving orders to the witch’s cult to create havoc in Water Gate City.

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When you think of isekai anime, the very first thought that comes up is Re: Zero. It has gotten a lot of good feedback. There’s quite a lot we don’t know about Satella and the Witch’s Cult. Furthermore, we also need a reason for Satella and Emilia’s relation. A new season of Re: Zero is highly awaited because there are so many unanswered questions. Well, all we can is hope for the best result soon. Keeping the hype in check, we hope that Re: Zero Season 3 rolls out by the end of this year. Till then, keep on watching anime or else you can binge-watch Re: Zero from the very start once again.