Ever wonder what would happen if Deku wasn’t overly optimistic and had realistic emotions and saw the world as a normal kid? Well in this article we will explain what happens to our favorite main character when he is hurt by Bakugo’s bullying, All Might’s negligence, and society’s true nature. Today we will let you in on everything there is to know about Villain Deku or Evil Deku.

Who is Villain Deku?

villain deku

From the start of MHA, we all noticed something that was extremely obvious. And that part is that Deku is very naive and optimistic. The way he forgives and talks to Bakugo, his die-hard will to protect others even if it means losing his life, and seeing the good in villains that have murdered or caused the murder of many people are some traits that make him look like a very innocent and optimistic person.

But what if he had a normal character design? Imagine yourself in his shoes, facing constant criticism for not having a quirk, being told that you can never become a hero and asked to kill yourself for being a pathetic brat. Would you really feel happy and good about yourself? That is exactly the case in this tragic yet complicated story of Evil Deku.

Villain Deku is an Alternate Version of the original Deku who is a fan-made character that was made to provide a unique kind of Fan service. Villain Deku or Evil Deku has been portrayed in multiple fan-made animations/ mangas/ online web novels. Make sure to read this article till the end to not miss out on anything.

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What is “AU Villain Deku”?

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AU Villain Deku is an online web novel series created by a fan that captured the attention of thousands of fans. The series revolves around Deku who is abandoned by friends and family from the very beginning which turns him into a mentally hurt maniac that is in search of power to take his revenge on the heroes.

The author of this aeries is MercyLeague, and it is safe to say that this is a masterpiece made by the fans for the fans. The entire series comprises 55 chapters and has over 1.2 million views at the time of writing this article. This novel has taken all the other possibilities that could and should have happened in My Hero Academia and turned it into a fan service-based novel series. To read the web novel series click here.

There are multiple renditions of Villain/Evil Deku on the internet. A few fan animations have also been made with Gore scenes of murder and death being portrayed in a bold manner. Needless to say, it is extremely addictive to read/watch all these fan-made renditions of Villain Deku.

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Why Did Deku Turn Evil In The Series?

Due to there being multiple versions of the series, we will make this simple. The starting of these versions is similar with Deku wanting to become a hero. He admires All Might and wishes to enroll in UA. But here’s where things take a huge turn. Deku is always bullied by his classmates including Bakugo. Instead of taking it easy he tends to hate Bakugo and wishes the worst for him.

Like MHA, Bakugo is captured by the Sludge villain. But Deku looks at him with disgust and says to himself that he deserves it. Nevertheless, Deku makes his way in to save Bakugo even after being denied entry by the other people. After being saved by All Might, he confronts him and asks if he can become a hero without a quirk. To which All Might answers that he can never become a hero without a quirk even though he himself received One For All because he was quirkless.

The Birth of Villain Deku!

Deku is broken by this and is further humiliated by everyone around him and by society itself. He turns to the dark side when Stain reached out to him and offers to train him. This is how Villain Deku is born. But there are multiple versions of this story with minute changes made in a few corners.

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