One Piece Chapter 1029 will be postponed, however, chapter 1028 spoilers have been released. The CP0 and Sanji vs. Queen are the topics of the most recent chapter. Sanji vs. Queen starts with the most recent chapter of One Piece, which takes place in the Onigashima castle guest chamber.

One Piece shows Sanji’s new abilities as he battles the Queen. Because the manga is taking a vacation, the spoilers were released early. The CP0 gets a call and converses with Den Den Mushi in the most recent One Piece Chapter. The boss spoke with an enigmatic man, and they heard of a new dragon that believes Vegapunk’s fruit is to blame.

Readers will have to wait a little longer to discover more about the state of the battle in Onigashima since the publication of “One Piece” 1029 is expected to be postponed due to the manga’s break next week.

“Brachiojaurus-Brachio Snake” starts with the CP0’s boss conversing with an unknown individual. They discover Straw Hat Luffy is accompanied by a pink dragon, and that they are Kaidou’s adversary. The World Government has joined the fight, and they are on their way to Wanokuni, according to the mysterious man.

He’s not sure whether Kaidou is winning. They discussed the spacecraft he had seen and verified that they had been dispatched by the World Government. They disclose thirty thousand Kaidou’s army vs. 5400 Samurai’s army to twelve thousand Kaidou’s army vs. eight thousand Samurai in the combat analysis.

One Piece Chapter 1028

The newest chapter of “One Piece” was released earlier today, and it seemed to set the groundwork for mangaka Eiichiro Oda’s promise of the series’ biggest battle. The chapter begins with the CP-0 in the Visitor’s Reception area providing information on the current state of the battle in Onigashima through den den mushi to their colleagues (Rob Lucci and crew).

According to one of the Ciphers, Pol-0, the battle began with 30,000 Beasts Pirates facing 5,400 Minks-Pirates-Ninja-Samurai soldiers. At the moment, Kaido’s squad has just 12,000 warriors, while the other side has 8,000.

Rob Lucci and his squad are approaching Wano, and he informs the CP-0 agent in Onigashima that if Kaido loses, the World Government intends to take control of the isolated nation. He also tells the agent of the new order, which directs them to apprehend Nico Robin regardless of the war’s outcome.

With just five minutes before the floating island of Onigashima reaches the Flower Capital, Momonosuke does all he can to produce Flame Clouds to keep the island from falling on the shogun-ruled area. Meanwhile, Yamato departs with Momo to clear the island of explosives, reducing the possibility for harm if it collides with the earth.

One Piece chapter 1029 Release Date

One Piece-Chapter 1029 will release on October 17th. Sanji said that he did not want to be a monster and refused to utilize Germa 66’s abilities. The sight of Sanji’s body being rebuilt astounds Queen. Luffy with his fists and hair on fire, Zoro from the Legend of Zelda series, Chopper costumed as a monkey, and many more were included in the color spread. In the next chapter of One Piece, the conflicts on Onigashima continue.

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