One of the biggest mystery in One Piece is Kaido’s Son. Although there have been many theories about him on the internet. There is no official confirmation of who exactly is Kaido’s son. Here is what we know about him so far. Please note that this post may contain spoilers from manga chapters of One Piece. So, if you are not keeping up with the manga you may stop reading now.

One Piece anime & manga is currently on a hiatus, as announced by the staff members. Kaido’s son was first mentioned in One Piece chapter 977. As soon as it was revealed, fans were really curious to know if Kaido really has a son, and how strong is he?

In Chapter 979 of One Piece manga, his name was revealed. The name of Kaido’s son is Yamato. On the day of Kaido and Orochi’s party, Yamato disappeared from Kaido’s place, and now Kaido has ordered everyone to go search for Yamato.

As for his power levels, he is definitely going to be far stronger than any of Kaido’s subordinates. And he might be the one to bring a “twist” to this arc in One Piece. There are high chances of Yamato showing up in One Piece chapter 981.

The name has significant meaning in Japanese history, as per Wikia, Yamato means “Great Harmony”, the dynastic name of the ruling Imperial House of Japan. It is also the name of a prominent WWII-era Japanese battleship.

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