Beginners always get recommended to start with Death Note by an anime weeb. I guess, there must be a reason for it? So far, I haven’t known the reason behind this, but we all surely enjoyed watching Death Note. For me, the concept of this series was quite amusing yet depressing. Well, there are certainly other anime similar to Death Note. Light Yagami, a disgruntled elevated student, discovers the “Death Note,” a mysterious black notebook that can kill someone if the user knows both the target’s faces and names. Light, momentarily terrified of the Death Note’s transcendent influence, considers the Death Note’s capabilities and kills rising Japanese criminals before moving on to foreign criminals. 

Anime Similar to Death Note – Must Watch Recommendations

To be honest, I am not here to brag about this show. I would rather love to suggest you guys a few shows that might seem engaging to you if you liked watching Death Note.

No Game No life

Anime Similar to Death Note

From the virtual world of gaming, Shiro and Sora are siblings who might turn out to be a delight to your eyes. The plot surrounds two step-siblings, Shiro and Sora, known as Blank, an undefeated community of gamers in the online multiplayer world. Tet, a god from another world, challenges them to a game of chess one day. The two are triumphant and are allowed to live in a world centered on sports. They agree, thinking it to be a joke, and are transported to Disboard, a virtual reality. A spell regarded as the Ten Pledges forbids the people of Disboard from harming one another, compelling them to settle their disagreements by playing games with magically imposed rules and prizes.

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Black Clover

Anime Similar to Death Note

Coming straight from the Peasant realm, Asta and Yuno share the same dream of becoming the Magic Emperor one day. While Yuno is gifted with an immense amount of wind magic, Asta on the other hand has no magic powers. Yuno acquires the kingdom’s only Wizard King’s famed four-leaf grimoire. Despite his lack of sorcery, Asta was able to acquire the enigmatic five-leaf grimoire (which, due to its age, cannot be clearly described by others) containing mysterious elf swords and uncommon anti-magic.


anime like death note

The story of shrimp shorty and one of the best setters in the Japan prefecture is indeed an eye-grabbing series. Shoyo Hinata, a young high schooler, becomes fascinated with volleyball after seeing Karasuno High School compete in Nationals on TV. Hinata studies and is admitted to Karasuno, the very same high school where the “Little Giant” played but is surprised to learn that his old rival, Kageyama, however, has selected Karasuno.

Having followed the age of the Little Giant, Karasuno’s status as a powerhouse school faded, and the squad was dubbed ‘The Wingless Crows’ by many other college teams. However, by integrating Kageyama’s brilliant setting skills with Hinata’s incredible athleticism, the pair develops an unlikely yet effective setter-spiker relationship and creates an explosive new volleyball technique.

Assassination Classroom

Anime like Death Note

The Earth is in turmoil after a massive fanged beast comes out of nowhere and kills 75 percent of the moon, permanently transforming it into a crescent. The organism believes that it will kill the earth next year, but that humanity has a chance to save it. He starts to work as a school instructor in class 3-E, Kunugigaoka High School End Group, where he lectures his student’s normal subjects along with assassination techniques. The Japanese government has offered a bonus of ten billion yen ($100 million) to whoever amongst these students can destroy the organism known as “Koro-sensei.”

Akame ga Kill

Akame ga Kill - anime like death note

This is one of the most depressing series for me. Tatsumi gets accompanied by a noble family after getting separated from his friends during a bandit attack. However, when Night Raid strikes, he discovers that his noble hosts were planning to brutally murder him, just like they’ve done to his friends. As a consequence, he enters Night Raid, which comprises swordswoman Akame, fearsome soldier Leone, shooter girl Mine, blade Sheele, string trickster Lubbock, armed fighter Bulat, and the commander Najenda, an old imperial army general. Night Raid is also a member of the rebel groups gathered to depose Prime Minister Honest, who is using the young emperor for personal benefit while the rest of the country suffers from deprivation and warfare.

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