People often tend to blend the mix the concept of manga, manhwa, and manhwa sometimes. Little do they know that all these comics differ greatly based on short terms like their print and origin. When we talk about manga, it is written and illustrated by the mangaka, whereas a manhuajia writes a manhua. Similarly, a manhwa is written by manhwaga. Today, we’ll talk about the list of best manhua to read if you’re a beginner.

Manhua has quite a history from China, Taiwan, and Hong-kong. Started in the early 20th century, manhua comics were initially based on political ideologies and wars, but after the Chinese revolution of 1949, the addition of stringent laws held the censorship. Looking at the list of best manhua, here are some suggestions from our side:

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The King’s Avatar

From the world of virtual gaming, this manhua has surely made a place in the list of best manhua. The story revolves around a skillful player with a textbook-level understanding of an online multiplayer game. Kicked out of his professional e-sports team due to sudden situations, Ye Xiu starts working as a manager at one of the internet cafes. After the launch of the 10th server of the game, Xiu decides to get his lost GLORY back.

Feng Shen Ji

A war between gods and humans with supernatural ability is what readers want. Well, this manhua is primarily focused on the same genre and story. Emperor and ruler of the Shang dynasty and Zhao Ge, Zi Zhou, go for a faceoff against a messenger from the gods. Refused to bow in front of the gods, Zi Zhou is attacked by the bordering emperor. Faced with unforeseen circumstances, Zhou goes against the emperor and a god, who pops up out of the sky from nowhere.

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Song of the Long March

Best Manhua to Read If you're a Beginner

The plot revolves around a princess named Yongning, who sets on a mission to avenge her family members. Li, father of Yongning and ruler of the Tang Dynasty, alongside his wife and sons, was killed by his brother. Driven by the rage of revenge, the princess turns herself into a youthful person named Li Chang Ge and moves towards her goals.

Douluo Dalu

The story spins around Tang San, a creator and master of hidden weapons. After stealing the secret lore and reaching a point where death was the only option, he is resurrected in Douluo Dalu, with a spirit of his own just like others. The fate of Tang San lies with a useless spirit, Blue Silver Grass. With the motive of becoming the greatest spiritual master, Tang San moves ahead.

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Doupo Cangqiong

With the theory of survival of the fittest, the Combat Qi continent is ruled by strong people. The protagonist, Xiao Yan, one of the Xiao Sect geniuses, loses all his powers all of a sudden at the age of 11. Trolled by his clanmates, Xiao Yan’s fate is on the brink of getting kicked from his clan. To gain his glory and strength back, Xiao Yan advances with his goals.


best manhua to read if you are a beginner

The story plots around Linley, a young disciple of a falling clan that once governed the world. On his way to restore the reputation of his clan, Linley meets with an accident, where he finds a ring carved with a dragon. Soon he realizes that the ring possesses extraordinary powers beyond his imaginations after getting injured in a fight.


That’s all for today on Best Manhua to Read If you’re a Beginner. Manhua is as famous as manga is in its region. With quite a few differences between manhua and manga, they deliver the best feeling to their readers. You can surely read these manhua suggested by us, which are full of action and thrill.

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