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Anime fanatic, obsessed with manhwas, mangas and the Hallyu Wave! Always ready to explore different cultures!

Most Popular College Dramas For Everyone To Binge

College life is one of the most important times of our lives. Dating, internships, balancing assignments with social life truly taxing! But this also...

Possibility Of Taxi Driver Season 2 & Season 1 Review

Justice/revenge served hot is the plot of Taxi Driver. Heartbreaking tales based on real-life situations with a twist of giving criminals the punishment they deserved!...

Law School Season 2 Release Date, Review and More!

Enter into an acclaimed Law University, Moot Court in session, and all of a sudden, during a break, a professor dies! Who could be...

World Trigger Season 3? Season 2 Highlights

World Trigger returned with a short but good Season 2 to the delight of its fans. This epic yet underrated battle Shounen started its...

Taxi Driver Episode 3 Release Date, Expectations, Recap of episode 1&2

Taxi Driver got a grand premiere for the feisty action-packed drama it promises to be! Based on a webtoon by the name Red Cage...

Navillera Episode 7: Release Date, Recaps, Expectations

After some heartwarming progress, episode 4 had ended on a rather sad note. Eun happens to lose her job, and Cheok and Deok walk...

Vincenzo Episode 15 ; Release Date, Prediction, Expectations

After the dramatic cliffhanger in episode 12, we expected intense scenes in the upcoming episodes. Vicenzo delivered just that though episode 14 was more...

Navillera Episode 5 Release Date, Expectations, Episode 3&4 Recaps

Navillera brings up a very omnipotent theme of "What will the people say?". One of the biggest barriers to anyone investing in their own...

Vincenzo Episode 13: Cho kills Vincenzo?

Betrayals, drama, hidden secrets are what followed in episodes 11 & 12, respectively. So what more is to be expected out of Vincenzo episode...

K-Drama: Character Analysis of Vincenzo Aka Song Joong Ki

Lawyers by profession are supposed to be shrewd. A good lawyer manages to manipulate others while keeping his cards hidden most of the time....

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