The popular Horimiya manga that began serializing in 2011 is finally coming to an end. Square Enix’s Monthly G Fantasy magazine’s latest issue reveals that the manga will finally appear in the next issue. Readers all around the globe have been waiting for Horimiya chapter 122. The release date and other details for the upcoming chapters are out, as well.

Horimiya Chapter 122 Release Date

The popular Japanese rom-com manga is coming to an end soon. The manga recently announced that chapter 122 is its last chapter. Up until now, it has been a long delay. However, as per the latest information, Horimiya chapter 122 will release on 18 March 2021. Boruto manga will be releasing its new chapter on the same day.

Another update shares, the Horimiya manga will be appearing on the cover of the March Issue of Square Enix’s Monthly G Fantasy; Moreover, the chapter will have a color opening page.

Where to read chapter Hori san to Miyamura kun chapter 122?

All the chapters of Horimiya manga are available to read as a volume on Amazon. You can read the 122nd chapter on the same official platform. We highly condemn using an illegal website to read the manga.

The anime adaptation of the series is currently ongoing. The story covers the genre of a slice of life, comedy, romance, school, and shounen. The anime is currently being produced under studio Cloverworks. Here’s the trailer: