Attack on Titan Season 5 – Sounds like a dream for every single fan out there. This article will fill you in on the details about the possibility of there being a sequel for the most trending anime series currently. AoT has been on the top of everyone’s favorites for the past few years. It is completely unacceptable to hear that the manga is ending soon. It just hurts too damn much. But the words of Isayama are strong and are the reality of this accursed world.

With that being said, the Attack on titan story is at its best currently. Don’t worry we aren’t going to include any spoilers in this article. We value your hype as anime-only weebs. AOT Season 5 might be a possibility under a different name, such as a movie, OVA, chibi sequel etc. This has taken place before for many anime series. AoT being a know anime series can’t just stop its income with all the hype it has produced.

In this article, we will be looking at the sales, facts, and speculations of Attack on Titan Season 5. Make sure to read this entire article to grasp the entire information regarding this topic.

Will There be ” Attack on Titan Season 5 “?

Attack on titan season 5 possibility - AOT s5
POV – Levi is feeding you his sword

As per official news, Attack on Titan manga is nearly complete and will end in April. This devastating news was hard to digest but we had to accept reality. Fans are unaware of the fact that Attack on Titan anime is still ongoing. This is why we aren’t fully depressed. Imagine a time when the manga has already ended and you are watching the final AOT episode, that’s depression right there.

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When the time comes we must prepare ourselves to find happiness in other animes such as Jujutsu Kaisen, MHA, Bleach Season 17, etc. But what if there were to be another season? What if there was an Attack on Titan Season 5 that is kept a secret for the utmost hype ever created in the history of the anime industry.

Let’s Find Out – 

AOT Season 5 Possible?

The manga sales are over the roof. Though it only produces a new chapter once a month, its ales are literally unbelievable. It already crossed the 100 million copies mark in 2019. This is a clear example of what a great manga should be. Considering the manga sales and how much it has earned [its producers, I’m sure there must be another way to profit off of this franchise.

This is when AOT Season 5 comes into the picture. As mentioned before, the sequel of Attack on Titan needn’t be a new season. Instead, it can be a movie or a chibi version containing 12 episodes. Fans will be more than satisfied just to see their favorite characters once more after the end of the final season.

As of now it still isn’t confirmed if there will be a second cour/part for Attack on Titan Season 4: The final season. Many fans are speculating that the second half will be a series of movies. This will ultimately buy studio MAPPA some time that will then allow them to animate all the scenes without any pressure.

A sequel for the Final Season

Sasha supremacy - Reiner's Hatred is due to this exact scene!
Sasha supremacy – Reiner’s Hatred is due to this exact scene!

Our best prediction would be to expect ” Attack on Titan: Highschool ” or ” Shingeki no Kyojin: Chuugakkou ” sometime in the future. This idea resolves all the problems. It is easy to animate, cost of production is low. Those who feel AOT is too gruesome can also watch this version, it will give the fans exactly what they want by showing the dead come back to life.


aot season 5
Just the Survey Corps Flexing their new gear

In conclusion, a sequel under the name ” Attack on Titan Season 5 ” will not be made, unfortunately. But an Attack on Titan Movie or Chibi animated series is most likely to come in the mere future in the form of pure fan service for the happiness and satisfaction of the fans.

Hope you guys like this article, we will make sure to update this article in the future in case any of the above-mentioned speculations come true. Before you go, we would recommend reading Top Fastest Anime Characters to Ever Exist! (RANKED)