After that crazy cliffhanger at the end of Love Alarm Season 1, fans had to go through the unbearably long wait for season 2. Now the wait is over, on 12th March, Love Alarms Season 2 aired with just 6 episodes! This was the moment fans had been waiting for, finally getting to see who Jojo chooses. In comparison to Season 1, season 2 had a perfectly complete ending so is a season 3 even possible?

Considering how the side couples have got pretty open-ended endings and the original source is still incomplete, there is a huge chance of renewal! Plus the cast is not only incredibly popular but also fangirls definitely want to see Sun get a happy ending and why not boy suffered quite a lot. Let us see what can be expected of a probable Love Alarm Season 3?

Season 1: Where It All Began

Following the webtoon, season 1 started as a simple high school romance with a technological twist. To know who loves you all that needs to happen is the love alarm app to ring. Though this made simple love becomes all the more complex when Jojo has both Sun and Hye ringing her alarm!

The plot revolves on the importance and consequences of using the love alarm. High school romance and the immaturity that follows it along with heartbreak. The underlying theme seems to have been what is love.


Is it something superficial enough to be judged by an app or something that comes from within? Can such an app aid in finding love or cause more problems. The ending hints at the latter.

Season 2: The Bridge

This season started off by fast-forwarding four years from the S1 timeline. Disclosing the fact that Jojo chose Hye over Sun from the massive cliffhanger from S1. We got to see the gradual development of each character from kids to adults.

From love-struck teens to mature adults who understand what love is and that it cannot be forced. This was followed by the intense reveals of what the shield was and how it was a cheat to the alarm.

love alarm season 3

Angst, anger, disbelief and later acceptance is what followed. We got to experience a rollercoaster of emotions in just 6 episodes and it was an amazing ride. This season proved that love is about communication and trust, a belief not superficial feelings which could be judged by an app.

Ending with a happy ending for Jojo & Hye, cementing that true love beats all.

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Season 3: What Could Be In-Store?

Jojo’s love story finally gets closure and she ends up with her childhood friend Hye-Yeong. Even though the webtoon hasn’t ended the same result was shown there. It is safe to assume that in Season 3, the leads would probably have the least amount of screentime mostly dedicated to their happy times.

Season 3 could instead go in-depth about Gul-mi and Duk-Gu’s relationship. Their entire story is very complex and slightly toxic. With how materialistic Gul-mi has been it is hard to believe that a positive ending awaits. Season 2 shifted the tone of the story to one of accepting oneself before others. So it would be great to see Duk-Gu become confident in himself and perhaps move on from Gul-mi? Season 3 could be a more character-driven continuation than ever.


Also, it would be great to see Gul-mi act a little bit more mature and instead of gaining popularity thanks to others’ work by herself. On a similar note, what about Sun-Ho and Yuk-Jo? Yuk was portrayed as a bright and pretty lady who was genuinely in love with Sun. Though due to his unfinished business with Jojo, she suffered a lot. Season 2 with a lot of problems for both Sun & Yuk but both seemed to have learned a lot now.

Yuk almost gave up at the end of S2 while Sun realized how insensitive he had been towards her. Season 3 could be the start of their newfound love and a proper mature healthy relationship.


Season 3 could also either be a new update to the app or issues raised due to the ending of the 2.0 update. With the havoc caused by the deaths linked to the app surely its popularity took a hit so perhaps Brian would have something up his sleeves?

The point is that even with the main leads out of the picture, Love Alarm Season 3 still has a lot of content to be covered. Hopefully, with its large fanbase Season, 3 will become a reality.

You can stream Love Alarm (seasons 1 and 2) on NETFLIX. Most likely, Love Alarm Season 3 will be available to stream on the same platform.

Final Comments

Season 1 was a typical romance with the extraordinary app element. Whoever could have imagined an app that shows who you love?

But not everything ends well even if feelings are conveyed, is what the bitter reality is. And this was proved as this app was just another superficial thing in an already materialistic world.

True love isn’t so simple and Season 2 explained that by showing the mature side. Plus they dealt with the repercussions of unattended issues from Season 1. This already improved the quality of the plot, showing how one should trust one’s own decision and feelings!

Now to make it the most perfect show with the core values of self-love and healthy relationships built on trust Love Alarm Season 3 has to continue the good work. This is possible by making the show even more character-driven and letting the side characters develop.

Love Alarm Season 3 Release Date

The time difference between S1 & S2’s release was almost a year therefore Love Alarm Season 3 can be speculated to release by January 2022.

Let us hope to hear the good news of the renewal of Season 3 soon as well as expect at least one more happy couple!

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