The Anime Industry is conquering every possible genre that viewers can name. Just name it and you will find a full-fledged anime series on it. On October 3, 2006, the industry drop an anime series and literally shook the world with the plotline and animation, and the series is known as Death Note. Literally, if you are looking for a series that is Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Crime TV in the genre, then Death Note is perfect. Season 1 ended a long time ago and the release date of Death Note Season 2 is still a big question. So, When will Death Note season 2 will release? What could be the possible storyline? What can we expect from Death Note Season 2?

The series does a pretty good job of wrapping up loose ends and giving the viewers a satisfying conclusion in the end. Now, the viewers are still hoping for the 2nd season of Death Note? Is there any hope? Let’s find out-

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The Release Date Of Death Note Season 2. When Will It Air?

It’s been more than a decade since the 1st season of Death Note ended and since then, there is no update regarding Death Note Season 2. Although, there were many spin-offs which includes two movies and two video games, however, not a single update shows any green single to the 2nd season of Death Note.

But recently, it was updated that the franchise started a new Death Note 2020 edition with a whole new plot or storyline. This could be the major indication that might lead to the 2nd season of Death Note.

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What To Expect From Death Note Season 2?

In this section, we are going to put some points that might even make you think about the possible plotline to get cover in Death Note Season 2.

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Wammy’s House

The plotline or the storyline of Death Note is incomplete without the significance of Wammy’s House. For those who don’t know, Wammy House is one of the orphanages set by Quillsh Wammy also known as Watari. As for more information, these orphanages was designed in order to provide training facility to the gifted children like L. After, L’s success as a detective, the goal of Wammy house is to produce a successor to L. But after Near proving Light as Kira and successfully earn the position of L, what happened to the Wammy House? The actual history of Wammy’s house is yet to be revealed. So, if someday or somehow, the franchise planning for the 2nd season of Death Note, they can put this point in the series.

Misa’s thought towards Light

In the series, Misa makes it super clear that she likes Kira’s ideology but her love for Light is something that cannot be compared to anything in this world. Even her own life isn’t anything compared to her love and affection towards Light. It’s not necessary to mention that Light just takes her as his pawn and his behavior towards Misa says it all. Besides this, at the end of the series, it makes it quite clear that Misa committed suicide because she got traumatized by the death of Light Yagami. But what was her actual thought towards Light? In the end, did she ever felt that Light was just using her and her feeling like one of his pawn?

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Kira’s Legacy

This might be the most interesting section that readers would like to read. So, Kira’s legacy? Believe it or not, this single section can cover 50% of the story if Death Note Season 2 will ever release. Not to mention, there is not just 1-2 Death Note over there. There are a number of Shinigamis out there and each one happens to have a Death Note. Now, it would be interesting to see how Kira’s history will give birth to the Legacy or write the next part of Kira.

Near’s Future After Kira’s Case

So, it was Near, obviously with the crucial help of Mello managed to discover the true Kira- Light Yagami. Let’s not that Kira somehow managed to defeat L but in the end, Near proves the real Kira. Near becomes the successor of L But, what after that? There is no doubt that proving Light as Kira was his most or must be the most difficult he handled. So, Near’s future is something the audience would like to see in Death Note Season 2.

Future Of Kira Investigation Team

As the Kira investigation team successfully managed to crack the real identity behind the Kira. L was the real founder of Kira’s investigation Team and his team includes- Soichiro Yagami, Shuichi Aizawa, Kanzo Mogi, Touta Matsuda, Hideki Ide, Hirokazu Ukita, Watari, Aiber, and Wedy. L including Soichiro Yagami, Aiber, and Wedy got killed and the rest of them got success. But what happened to them? Are they super famous now? Or the disclosing of Kira investigation didn’t happen. Maybe the 2nd season of Death Note will reveal some information regarding this.

Death Note 2

Different Shinigamis

Shinigamis plays a vital role in the series of Death Note. This all fuss started when Ryuk, a Shinigami dropped his Death Note in the human world. So, a Shinigami is something that the audience would love to see. If Death Note season 2 ever release, fans would like to see some information regarding different Shinigamis.

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Is There Any Trailer Available For Death Note Season 2?

As for now, there is no official update regarding the second season of the series so far. So, it means that there is no trailer for now. But, as per our predictions the series is likely to release somewhere in 2022 near September or October. Till then, you have to wait a little longer for the trailer.

2nd Season of Death Note

Where To Watch Death Note?

There are many unknown and illegal source out there which allow you to stream Death Note. But we are highly against it and that’s why here we are putting the official source- Netflix where you can stream Death Note legally.