In spite of her voluptuous and well-muscled appearance, Star and Stripe is a towering presence on the battlefield. There are eight distinct tufts in her backward-swept blonde hair that are styled in a similar way as All Might’s when he was fully powerful. In chapter 328 of My Hero Academia just revealed that All Might really be taught America’s number-one hero, Star, and Stripe.

In spite of the lack of permission from some international body that oversees heroes across the world, such as the United Nations, she is presently on her way to assist her master in Japan. After discovering that Tomura Shigaraki would become All For One’s full vessel in three days in chapter 328, All Might urgently seek out this worldwide organization to bring heroes to their assistance.

Readers already know a few things about Star and Stripe based on how other nations and the organization itself have responded. When it comes to breaking the rules, she’s irresponsible and impetuous. But she loves All Might too much to care. The reason for this is because the organization is apprehensive about sending any heroes to aid All Might in big numbers.

It is more likely that villains will attack a nation after heroes have gone since the stability they left behind is threatened. Even worse, each nation is now going through its own existential crises, making a mass migration of heroes impossible. Despite this, Star and Stripe continue to leave the United States without authorization.

Other heroes, such as Egypt’s Salaam and Singapore’s Big Red Dot from My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, are eager to assist All Might and have expressed their displeasure over not being able to travel, which emphasizes Star and Stripe’s dedication to her master. The fact is that despite their strong opinions, they obey the international organization. While this is going on, Star and Stripe choose what to do on her own.

While her emotions for All Might enable her to defy convention, the most intriguing thing about Star and Stripe isn’t that. It’s because she wasn’t America’s number-one hero six years before. My Hero Academia: Vigilantes introduced Christopher Skyline as Playboy Hero: Captain Celebrity. Regardless of the circumstances, Captain Celebrity’s downgrading is ironic since he isn’t shown in a favorable light throughout Vigilantes.

Yet in spite of his marital status, the acts he takes to garner attention as a playboy, and his many lawsuits for improper conduct serve as a stark reminder of this flaw. When he discovers he’ll be a father, his attitude changes dramatically, and he strives to be a better role model for his children. Later, when he is humbled by his own altruistic act of protecting people (despite the fact that it is his job), his personality changes again.

Captain Celebrity isn’t the top-ranked hero for the first time in his Pro Hero career since he doesn’t deserve it. His career may have taken on an ironic twist by ending after the birth of his kid, allowing him to finally be there for those who needed him most.

Captain Celebrity’s replacement as the country’s first hero remains a mystery at this time. My Hero Academia viewers may question whether Star and Stripe usually act recklessly for her master, or if it’s a one-time thing. My Hero Academia has the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that in his heyday, All Might be a really wonderful mentor, encouraging Star and Stripe to serve as the cavalry when things were at their worst. Thanks to Stain, of course.

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