A Silent Voice 2 – Who knew these specific words would actually spurt joy in weebs across the planet. The entire anime community is very well aware of the movie ” A Silent Voice ” or ” Koe no Katachi. ” This movie showed us what sadness really is and how a person can appear normal on the outside but be completely broken on the inside. If you didn’t cry watching this anime, regardless of being a boy, are you really a human being?

Koi no Katachi is a solid movie filled with emotions, friendship, twists, turns, etc. But the character development throughout the movie takes the viewers on a journey. It clearly shows us that our past cannot be forgotten nevertheless forgiven, but we can at least accept it and learn from it. The Shape of voice will always cease to impress its viewers no matter how many times you tend to watch it.

Due to these facts, fans around the world are eager to know all about A Silent Voice 2 Movie, Will There be A Silent Voice Sequel? But don’t worry. We got you covered here at Spoilerguy. Make sure to read this article till the very end to know everything about the possibility of a sequel to A Silent Voice.

A Silent Voice 2 Movie

A silent voice 2 movie, will there be a sequel to a silent voice

After Shoyo endangered his life to save Nishimiya, things took a turn for the better good. We see a total change in both their characters, and the will to live is reignited in them. This was beautiful to watch, considering what the two of them had to go through all their life. It was a painful beginning for both of them, especially Nishimiya. But they fought through them all and finally gave up due to the unbearable pain until they learned about reality from the accident.

The picture shown above was the turning point in the entire movie that made a strong impact on both the character’s lives and the viewers. Another strong teaching taught in this movie is the importance of friendship. It shows all the advantages of having good friends surrounding you and the disadvantages of friends who encourage wrongdoings. In the end of the fans are eagerly waiting to release A Silent Voice 2 (movie).

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Will There be A Silent Voice Sequel?

A silent voice 2, A silent voice movie 2

A silent voice ended on a really nice note. Judging by the current information we have, there may not be a sequel to A silent voice. Unfortunately, the creator – Yoshitoki Ōima, had made a total of 7 volumes in his original manga series. All of which have been adapted to make the movie. Currently, there is no source to continue the story in a sequel.

The story actually had reached its end in the movie. Fans are aware of this fact but would like to see how their adulthood would pan out. They are eager to know if Nishimiya and Shoyo actually get married in the future. There are infinite possibilities, whereas the movie had only addressed their current situation. But, it is safe to say that Yoshitoki Ōima gave us fan service like never before. The scene where Shoyo is standing in the middle of the festival and looks up to see everyone’s faces is just pure gold. Not to mention the background music Lit(Var) – A Silent Voice by Kensuke Ushio.

Well, that’s all for today on A Silent Voice 2 Movie, Will There be A Silent Voice Sequel? I know this is a bit sad, but it must come to an end like all good things. Unfortunately, there is not going to be an “A Silent Voice 2” in the future.

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